Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Waiting for Spring Inspiration!

Here it is - almost Spring. Where I live, we have been, once again, lambasted with a wicked, cold, snowy winter. This is the third winter in a row where the lower mainland of B.C. has experienced such extreme weather. When I first moved here 19 years ago, I was surprised to see that the seasons didn't have 'typical' weather patterns. There was no predictability. There still isn't much predictability beyond the statement that it will be extreme.

I only babble on about this because, as I stated, we once again have been lambasted with snow and here it is mid-March almost.

I want to start making some light, airy, Spring kinda jewelry. It's not easy looking for inspiration. I take my puppy for walks, even in nasty weather, and the best we can see are some lovely crocuses sprouting around the neighbourhood. There are also some tulips peaking through the still almost frozen ground so that's heartening. I'd like to see piercing blue skies. They grey of the overcast makes nature look so dull and dreary. My own garden is sprouting a lot of chives! We planted them last Spring to help ward off the aphids. It really works and now I have sprouts about 6 inches tall already. I'm looking forward to playing in the dirt again! Perhaps some daydreaming about gardening will push the imagination and help me with my jewelry.

Enough babbling. Happy Spring! Enjoy the weather, if your's is sunny.



Thanks so much.....I've been trying to come up with new Spring ideas also and it's not always easy especially when the weather goes from 24 to 75 in a couple of days, then back down and then back up again! Glad to have given you some inspiration. Do you make lampwork beads?

chainedjoule said...

Hi Crystal.Spirits - to answer your question, yes, I do make lampwork beads. The larger focals in my pics are beads I have made. There are a number of them displayed in my blog - have a quick peek at older posts. Thanks for visiting. I enjoy sharing.